Monday, July 2, 2012

Sorgee Family

 Doesn't this picture look like it needs a definition running along the bottom?  It so reminds me of those posters you see all.the.time.  Love how it turned out!  Below is the original without FAMILY plastered on it for those of you who want to see it without.

Meet Amber and Jason...

 And their kids!!

 Jason is Mark's older brother.

 My friend told me about this location and so we tried it out!  I love how the pictures came out!

 I have written and erased about five times because there just aren't words for how I feel about this photo and scripture!

Lord, I thank you for the friendships I have developed through Mark!  Thank you for Jason and Amber and all the many family gatherings they have at their house!  I lift up their family to You and ask that you be with them as they raise a family that serves You.  Guide them as parents as they make hard choices for their children in years to come.  In Jesus' name.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Maggie Portraits

 And this precious girl is Maggie!  She ate my pearls...
 and ate my pearls...
 and ate my pearls...

 and ate my pearls...
But it made for some very cute photos!!  :)
 The clarity of the above picture is my favorite!!  It's just yummy to me!
 Maggie was definitely the mover out of the two.  She wouldn't crawl, just kept trying to find things to put in her mouth.  Check out her contagious, scrinch-nosed grin though!!

 Such a pretty girl!

Maddox Portraits

This cute little boy is Maddox!  He sat still the ENTIRE time and pretty much looked at the camera whenever I wanted him to!
 Doesn't he just look like a lil' man sitting there with his lil' hand on his leg?
 I am all about that sweet face!

Did you know Maddox was a twin?


 I had the priviledge of taking these precious little twins pictures about a month ago!  They were soooo content and easy to work with!  As you can see below, we had a little fun...
 Does that not just make you scream inside? eek!

 This one is so precious to me!  I'm sure they're probably just checking out the texture of the whicker basket, but what a cute moment to capture with their heads leaned in together! 

 They just giggled and giggled when I stood them up on each end!  I think they really enjoyed being able to look into each others eyes as if to say, "oooo look at me standing all big and stuff!!"  :)
I'm so excited to get to work with them again in the future! 
Individual portraits of these two later... check back :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Jones Girls

These pictures were taken back in the Fall, but i'm just now uploading them onto the blog.  I had a lot of fun with these three sisters! 

a sister is a friend forever...
Here's a few examples of the individual portraits of each of the girls...

So happy :)


 So thankful to Sarah, their mom, for not only allowing me to take pictures of her beautiful girls, but also for singing and making them giggle!  They are such happy children already, but she did even more to make sure they were happy in the photos!  That was a ton of help! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maternity - Kayla

 My friend Kayla just had a beautiful baby girl, Laney Jewel.  She let me practice taking a few pictures with her baby bump before Laney made her entry!  :)
(Someone please tell me why blogger changed their format and why my pictures are sideways!)

 Fun angle!
 There is something so simple about this next photo and it gets me everytime.
 Love the blue in this picture... too bad you have to tilt to see it.
  Baby Toms :)

Another first... maternity pictures! Thankful to Kayla for the fun practice!