Monday, July 2, 2012

Sorgee Family

 Doesn't this picture look like it needs a definition running along the bottom?  It so reminds me of those posters you see all.the.time.  Love how it turned out!  Below is the original without FAMILY plastered on it for those of you who want to see it without.

Meet Amber and Jason...

 And their kids!!

 Jason is Mark's older brother.

 My friend told me about this location and so we tried it out!  I love how the pictures came out!

 I have written and erased about five times because there just aren't words for how I feel about this photo and scripture!

Lord, I thank you for the friendships I have developed through Mark!  Thank you for Jason and Amber and all the many family gatherings they have at their house!  I lift up their family to You and ask that you be with them as they raise a family that serves You.  Guide them as parents as they make hard choices for their children in years to come.  In Jesus' name.

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